2015 Show Results

The 2015 ROAR Show was comprised of 282 entries offered by 110 artists from 27 cities. The artists entering works in ceramics, computer generated, mixed media, oil, pastel, photography, sculpture, and watercolor media.

Special Award Winners

Clarence Crawford Memorial/Roar Committee Award

“Sharing the Light”
Henry Kreibach
Derby, KS

Trudy Furney Tribute Award

“Sky Vu”
Tim Krug
Russell, KS
Melanie Renken
Little River, KS
Mandy Vockers
Soloman, KS

Art Priddy Award

“Tapestry of Petals”
Abigail Briscoe
Little River, KS

Professional Category

1st Place “Antique Dream” ~ Kevin Lundy ~ Wilson
2nd Place “Ode to Richard” ~ Michael Jilg ~ Hays
Honorable Mention “Chicken Style” ~ Matthew Miller ~ Hays
“Sunrise” ~ David Gross ~ Louisburg
“Wisconsin Street after Snowfall” ~ Shannon Trevethan ~ Russell
“Trinity Blues” ~ Matthew Miller ~ Hays
1st Place “Green & Purple” ~ Zoran Stevanov ~ Hays
2nd Place “The Black Pearl” ~ Diane Engle ~ Great Bend
Honorable Mention “Burning Bush” ~ Karen Shaner ~ Great Bend
Mixed Media
1st Place “Farmall F-20” ~ Skip Kreibach ~ Derby
2nd Place “Aspens’ Moon” ~ Mike Gross ~ Liebenthal
Honorable Mention “Whip Snap” ~ Cal Mahin ~ Hays
“Rex” ~ Irene Schomacker ~ Spring Hill
“Morning Catwalk” ~ Mike Gross ~ Liebenthal
1st Place “Elizabeth I” ~ Dustin Poche ~ Russell
2nd Place “Evelyn as a Pumpkin” ~ Dustin Poche ~ Russell
Honorable Mention “Time” ~ Craig Cropek ~ Hays
“Door Latch Specimen” ~ Eleanor Heimbaugh ~ Hays
“Don’t’ Mess with the Lesser” ~ Sandra Keller ~ Hutchinson
1st Place “Lidded Horsehair” ~ Kent Thompson ~ Osborne
2nd Place “Ode to Escher” ~ Kent Thompson ~ Osborne
Honorable Mention “Carved Horsehair Bottle” ~ Kent Thompson ~ Osborne
“Venus Vase” ~ Kent Thompson ~ Osborne
1st Place “Autumn’s Act” ~ Elizabeth Corbett ~ Iola
2nd Place
Honorable Mention
1st Place “Koi Pond” ~ Jay Miller ~ Great Bend
2nd Place “Chain – Stacks” ~ Mike Gross ~ Liebenthal
Honorable Mention “On the Way to the River” ~ Karole Erikson ~ Great Bend
“The Great Profile” ~ Stan Shook ~ Wichita
Computer Generated
1st Place “Damn Flies” ~ Stan Shook ~ Wichita
2nd Place “Dream Station” ~ Zoran Stevanov ~ Hays
Honorable Mention “Groomers” ~ Stan Shook ~ Hays

Amateur Category

1st Place ” ‘s no Dog” ~ Wayne Keeler ~ Salina
2nd Place “Avocado” ~ Kaylee Radke ~ Russell
Honorable Mention “The Equinox” ~ Angie Muller ~ Russell
“The Heat is On” ~ Wayne Keeler ~ Salina
“Galaxy Hand” ~ Alaina Gfeller ~ Russell
1st Place “Abstract Triptych” ~ Joyce Barker ~ Great Bend
2nd Place “More Ducks & Birds” ~ Deborah Clothier ~ Great Bend
Honorable Mention “Field of Sunflowers” ~ Donna Holl ~ Great Bend
“Chicken” ~ Alaina Gfeller ~ Russell
Mixed Media
1st Place “Elephant” ~ Whitney Gerstner ~ Hays
2nd Place “Next Saint” ~ Chad Stephenson ~ Little River
Honorable Mention “Leo Rex” ~ Kristin Ekholm ~ Little River
“Country Road” ~ Emily Smyres ~ Little River
“Swiss Army Classic” ~ Dusty Page ~ Little River
1st Place “Chessmen & Table” ~ D.J. Klema ~ Russell
2nd Place “Entangled” ~ Rachel Robinson ~ Hays
Honorable Mention “Listening” ~ Nicole Borchers ~ Hays
1st Place “Erosion” ~ Jordan Brown ~ Hays
2nd Place “Seaweed Wings” ~ Don Crouse ~ Great Bend
Honorable Mention
1st Place “The Visiting Cat” ~ Janet Aiken ~ Wichita
2nd Place “A Specia lHandbag ” ~ Janice Crotts ~ Wichita
Honorable Mention “Dress Rehearsal” ~ Janice Crotts ~ Wichita
1st Place “Glycerin” ~ Karissa Arnold ~ Schoenchen
2nd Place “Western Kansas” ~ Kirstan Hanson ~ Hays
Honorable Mention “Lakeside” ~ Jared Tadlock ~ Hays
“Thirsty” ~ Mariah Otter ~ Hays
“Yosemite” ~ Kathryn Mason ~ Hays


Best of Show
“Apple” ~ Josh Sohm
3rd Grade
1st Place “WAM” ~ Danica Cline
2nd Place “Jackson” ~ Marysa Miles
Honorable Mention “I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream” ~ Nerissa Doctor
“A Beautiful Day” ~ Abby Strobel
4th Grade
1st Place “Olaf the Snowman” ~ Avery Anderson
2nd Place “Max” ~ Medora Cooper
Honorable Mention “Sky Vu” ~ Graham Dreiling
“The Bomb” ~ Carson Spoonts
5th Grade
1st Place “Tara” ~ Tara Dutchcer
2nd Place “Diego” ~ Diego Muller
Honorable Mention “Me” ~ Wyatt Middleton
“Self” ~ Zeke Boltin
6th Grade
1st Place ~ Brianna Hammack
2nd Place “A Horse Like No Other” ~ Gabriella Fontanez
Honorable Mention “Dancer” ~ Kaitlyn Knipp
“Bloom” ~ Blake Hoss
7th Grade
1st Place “Sculpture” ~ Andrew Kraus
2nd Place “Landscape” ~ Lillian Garland
Honorable Mention “Sculpture” ~ Renee Nichol
“Sculptue” ~ Lillian Ervin
8th Grade
1st Place “Coffee Time” ~ Megan Peeler
2nd Place “Painting with Paper” ~ Kayla Farmer
Honorable Mention “Sculpture” ~ Reba Towery