2014 Show Results

The 2014 ROAR Show was comprised of 262 entries offered by 91 artists from 33 cities. Participants include high school students from Russell, Colby and the Little River, as well as students from Fort Hays State University. The artists entering works in ceramics, computer generated, mixed media, oil, pastel, photography, sculpture, and watercolor media.

Professional Category

1st Place “Before Rain” – David Gross – Paola
2nd Place “Dynamic Augment” – Kevin Lundy – Wilson
Honorable Mention “Behind the Studio” – Matt Miller – Hays
“Cool Water” – Kevin Lundy – Wilson
“Harmony” – David Gross – Paola
1st Place “Golden Koi” – Steve Dudek – Great Bend
2nd Place “Alaska Journey” – Cassandra Smith – Derby
Honorable Mention “Spring” – Diane Engle – Great Bend
“Rocking Chair” – Mark Ward – Andover
“Fruit Basket” – Mark Ward – Andover
Mixed Media
1st Place “Strange Days” – Kent Thompson – Osborne
2nd Place “Magic Weavers” – Cal Mahin – Hays
Honorable Mention “The Mirror” – Katie Hendrix-Long – Portis
“Ties that Bind” – Kent Vanderplas – Wichita
1st Place “Network Melody” – Christina Lamoureaux – Hoisington
2nd Place “Contessa” – Dustin Poche’ – Russell
Honorable Mention “Shinning Stainless Steelhead” – James Mages – Hays
1st Place “Urban Flask” – Eleanor Heimbaugh – Hays
2nd Place “Protect Me” – Lauren Baird – Hays
Honorable Mention “Dots and Dashes” – Bambi Freeman – Ellinwood
“Tainted” – Lauren Baird – Hays
1st Place “Sentinel” – Elizabeth Corbett – Iola
2nd Place “Crimson Shadows” – Sue Vautravers – Andover
Honorable Mention “River of Life” – Sheila Werth – Lawrence
“Still Life w/ Glass & Grapes” – Elizabeth Corbett – Iola
1st Place “The Old Koi” – Karole Erickson – Great Bend
2nd Place “Loyal Friends” – Brian Lingle – Hutchinson
Honorable Mention “Better Check It Out” – Laurie Copeland – La Crosse
“Another Time” – Diane Engle – Great Bend
“One Head Light” – Jay Miller – Great Bend
Computer Generated
1st Place “Black and White Water Lilies” – Karole Erickson – Great Bend
2nd Place “Bad Boys of the “777” – Stan Shook – Wichita
Honorable Mention “Prairie Sentinel” – Dale Schmitt – Russell

Amateur Category

1st Place “Early Risers” – Irene Schomacker – Spring Hill
2nd Place “Alone” – Wayne Keeler – Salina
Honorable Mention “Summer Rain” – Irene Schomacker – Spring Hill
“Quiet Afternoon” – Wayne Keeler – Salina
1st Place “Rocky Mountain Aspen” – Joyce Barker – Great Bend
2nd Place “The Pride” – Deborah Clothier – Great Bend
Mixed Media
1st Place “Tiller of the Soil” – Dusty Page – Inman
2nd Place “Perfection” – Billie Spears – Osborne
Honorable Mention “Hosea 11:10” – Abigail Briscoe – Little River
“Spring Training” – Kyler Cox – Lyons
1st Place “Alien Creature Chess” – Patrick Barney – Russell
2nd Place “Swing With Me” – Jordann Seirer – La Crosse
Honorable Mention “Neolithic Life” – Patrick Barney – Russell
“Harmony” – Trent Dickerman – Sylvan Grove
1st Place “Rose Red” – Jordan Brown – Hays
2nd Place “A Grate Time for Tea” – Ryan Swayne – Hays
Honorable Mention “Falling Down” – Jordan Brown – Hays
“Hand-built Kindling” – Brenna Cole – Hays
“Platter w/ Pattern” – Virginia Bitter – Ellinwood
1st Place “Grandma’s Outdoor Dryer” – Janet Aiken – Wichita
2nd Place “Chillin’ It” – Rebecca Arbuckle – Windom
Honorable Mention “Free Ride” – Erin Hudson – Lindsborg
“Ebony and Ivory” – Janet Aiken – Wichit
1st Place “Saddlery” – Christine Orr – Hays
2nd Place “Left to the Sands of Time” – Amanda Wright – Nickerson
Honorable Mention “The Last Drive” – Elizabeth McDowell – Hays
“Summits End” – Mariah Renken – Little River
“Morning Alarm” – Christine Orr – Hays


Best of Show
Dominic Nichol
4th Grade
1st Place Dominic Nichol
2nd Place Mason Berens
Honorable Mention Lauren Franks
Jordan Flores
5th Grade
1st Place Jacob Windoholz
2nd Place Lacey Nuss
Honorable Mention Elsie Holland
Kayla Noller
6th Grade
1st Place Kalli Pfeifer
2nd Place Lily Garland
Honorable Mention Andrew Kraus
Kyle Lambert
7th Grade
1st Place Jakob Schwein
2nd Place Bobby Rhodes
Honorable Mention Kayla Farmer
Alexia Kyle
8th Grade
1st Place Lillian Rageth
2nd Place Kaitlyn Nichols
Honorable Mention Megan Hare
Emma Schroeder