2013 Show Results

The 2013 ROAR Show was comprised of 235 entries offered by 83 artists from 27 cities. Participants include high school students from Russell, Colby and the Little River, as well as students from Fort Hays State University. There were 40 amateur and 51 professional artists entering works in ceramics, computer generated, mixed media, oil, pastel, photography, sculpture, and watercolor media.

Professional Category

1st Place “Prickly Pear” – Sue Vautravers – Andover
2nd Place “Clouds on the Horizon” – Brandy Miner – Osborne
Honorable Mention “Spring Fever” – Daniel Branham – Albert
“Mikey” – Kent Thompson – Osborne
1st Place “Carol’s Frog” – Steve Dudek – Great Bend
2nd Place “Summer Pasture” – Anne Horton – Wichita
Honorable Mention “Iris” – Diane Engle – Great Bend
“Splash” – Johanna Hanks – Topeka
Mixed Media
1st Place “Marilyn” – Charles Jones – Salina
2nd Place “What a Beautiful Gift” – Nancy Flax – Hays
Honorable Mention “Cheyenne” – Katie Hendrix-Long – Alton
“A Blossoming Romance” – Rebecca Smith – Salina
1st Place “Ole’ Bat” – Dustin Poche’ – Russell
2nd Place “Where’s Nemo?” – James Mages – Hays
Honorable Mention “Creation” – Nancy Flax – Wakeeney
“Quilled Angel”- Shelia Hinman – Lewis
1st Place “Fume” – Josh Novak – Hays
2nd Place “Blue Ash Lidded Jar” – Mark Freeman – Ellinwood
Honorable Mention “Bowl” – Brian Hutchinson – Ellsworth
“Oval Opal Tray” – Bambi Freeman – Ellinwood
1st Place “Adoration” – Elizabeth Corbett – Iola
2nd Place “Kindell” – Anne Horton – Wichita
Honorable Mention “The Path” – Nancy Flax – Wakeeney
1st Place “Koi” – Jay Miller – Great Bend
2nd Place “JD in Winter” – Diane Engle – Great Bend
Honorable Mention “Sedimental – Danielle Garcia – Hays
“Tall Grass Sunrise” – Ricardo Reitmeyer – Wichita
Computer Generated
1st Place “Tree of Tranquility” – Jason Schaeffer – Wichita
2nd Place “Wild Mustangs” – Stan Shook – Wichita
Honorable Mention “Bath” – Jack Wilson – Wichita
“The Jayhawker” – Carole Erikson – Great Bend

Amateur Category

1st Place “All the Seasons” – Samantha Reif – Plainville
2nd Place “My Place” – Mariah Renken – Little River
Honorable Mention “Eastborough Pond” – Vera Davis – Wichita
“Kofa Mt. Range” – Leland Alexander – Maize
1st Place “Let the Big Wheels Role” – Abby Friesen – Colby
2nd Place “”Birds” – Deborah Clothier – Great Bend
Honorable Mention “Main Street Tapestry” – Susie Stephenson – Little River
“Bursting with Color” – Donna Hull – Great Bend
Mixed Media
1st Place “Heavenly Sunset” – Joanne Glynn – Hays
2nd Place “”Watching the Corn Grow” – Abby Friesen – Colby
Honorable Mention “Uit Indie’ Afrika” – Abigail Briscoe – Little River
“Lakeside Reflection” – Colton Arnold – Little River
1st Place “Wood Carving” – Rocky Yoder – Russell
2nd Place “Garden Goddess – Virginia Bitter – Ellinwood
Honorable Mention “Untitled” – Kaitlyn Ekart – Wamego
1st Place “Starting Out” – Dayna Ball – Ellinwood
2nd Place “Creatures from the Deep” – Kayla Hern – Hays
Honorable Mention “Brothers” – Jordon Brown – Hays
“Blue/Orange Sectional” – Calder Craig – Hays
1st Place “Just Grazin'” – Janet Aiken – Wichita
2nd Place “Breath of Autumn” – Tevin Renken – Little River
Honorable Mention “Bear Back” – Kassandra Hernandez – Little River
“Boots ‘n Spurs” – Rebecca Arbuckle – Little River
1st Place “Through Misty Passes” – Christine Orr – Hays
2nd Place “Aerial” – Joanne Glynn – Hays
Honorable Mention “Tranquility” – Amanda Wright – Great Bend
“Golden Meadow” – Jackilyn Dougherty – Little River
Computer Generated
1st Place “American Jazz” – Bill McKown – Great Bend
2nd Place “Copperhead Road” – Elizabeth McDowell -Hays
Honorable Mention “It’s the Real Thing” – Mariah Renken – Little River


Best of Show
Stephan Baldwin
4th Grade
1st Place Philp Lauire
2nd Place Tarman Hayer
Honorable Mention Brittan Frischen
Brianna Hammack
5th Grade
1st Place Emily Butler
2nd Place Briar Ulrich
Honorable Mention Kalli Pfeifer
Cole Birky
6th Grade
1st Place Stephan Baldwin
2nd Place Summer Matthews
Honorable Mention Rhett Pospical
Robert Jensen
7th Grade
1st Place Chalee Francis
2nd Place Caitlyn Laurie
Honorable Mention Niky Nguyen
Tayla Goodenough
8th Grade
1st Place Katie Barney
2nd Place Ty Cisrieros
Honorable Mention Trista Wysong
Justine Weigel