2012 Show Results

The 2012 ROAR Show was comprised of 299 entries offered by 113 artists from 35 cities. Participants include high school students from Russell, Colby and the Little River, as well as students from Fort Hays State University. There were 62 amateur and 51 professional artists entering works in ceramics, computer generated, mixed media, oil, pastel, photography, sculpture, and watercolor media.

Special Award Winners

Clarence Crawford Memorial/
Roar Committee Award


Elizabeth Corbett

Iola, KS

Trudy Furney Tribute Award

“Promise for a New Beginning”

Diane Engle

Great Bend, KS

Art Priddy Award


Tayton Pennington

Russell, KS

Professional Category

1st Place “Love Seats and Muscle Cars” ~ Kevin Lundy ~ Wilson
2nd Place “Still Life with Smoke” ~ Kevin Lundy ~ Wilson
Honorable Mention “Still Life with Smoke” ~ Kevin Lundy ~ Wilson
“2010, 2011, 2012 Self Portrait” ~ David Ketchum ~ Rexford
“Rollohome” ~ Michael Knutson ~ Hays
1st Place “Copper 29” ~ Kent Thompson ~ Osborne
2nd Place “Forest Street” ~ Steve Dudek ~ Great Bend
Honorable Mention “San Francisco Church ~ Esther Maher ~ Great Bend
Mixed Media
1st Place “Buffalo Brain” ~ Michael Knutson ~ Hays
2nd Place “Freedom” ~ Cal Mahin ~ Hays
Honorable Mention “Sealed with a Kiss” ~ Rebecca Smith ~ Salina
“Renoir on the Rocks” ~ O.M. Foleo ~ Wichita
“Empty Vessels Filled the Most” ~ Fred Hunt ~ Hays
1st Place “Unreality” ~ Ned Day ~ Hays
2nd Place “Well……”~ Dustin Poché ~ Russell
Honorable Mention “Sorceress” ~ Dustin Poché ~ Russell
“I dream of Sheep” ~ Eric Abraham ~ Lucas
1st Place “Unseen” ~ Kathryn Jones ~ Hays
2nd Place “Nautilus Bowl” ~ Mark Freeman ~ St. John
Honorable Mention “Plate Setting” ~ Josh Novak ~ Hays
“Barnacle Vessels” ~ Bambi Freemen ~ St. John
1st Place “Kansas High Rise #4 (Iola)” ~ Elizabeth Corbett ~ Iola
2nd Place “Flint Fills Burning” ~ Sue Vautravers ~ Wichita
Honorable Mention “One Tree” ~ Brandy Miner ~ Osborne
1st Place “Sanctuary” ~ Fred Hunt ~ Hays
2nd Place “Stairs” ~ Zoran Stevanov ~ Hays
Honorable Mention “Kanopolis Elevator at Sunrise” ~ Diane Engle ~ Great Bend
“Barn Loft” ~ Jay Miller ~ Great Bend
Computer Generated
1st Place “Dawn at Sand Creek” ~ Brian Lingle ~ Hutchinson
2nd Place “State Highway 14” ~ Stan Shook ~ Wichita
Honorable Mention “Whooooo Are You?” ~ Brian Lingle ~ Hutchinson
“Down the Draw” ~ Stan Shook ~ Wichita

Amateur Category

1st Place “Basin Park” ~ Vera Davis ~ Wichita
2nd Place “Immersion” ~ Shannon Trevathon ~ Russell
Honorable Mention “Portofino” ~ Carol Stibal ~ Wichita
“Flint Hills” ~ Carol Stibal ~ Wichita
1st Place “Patio Lovelies” ~ Jeanne MacKay ~ Hutchinson
2nd Place “Mingo Sunset” ~ Abby Friesen ~ Colby
Honorable Mention “Candle Glow” ~ Velera Adams ~ Hutchinson
“Big City Dreams” ~ Susie Stephenson ~ Little River
Mixed Media
1st Place “Ranch Life” ~ Eli Beattie ~ McPherson
2nd Place “Car Show” ~ Tevin Renken ~ Little River
Honorable Mention “Golden Eagle” ~ Eric Hays ~ Wichita
1st Place “Like Mother, Like Daughter” ~ Ashley Bickimer ~ Hays
2nd Place
Honorable Mention “Fork” ~ Ashley Bickimer ~ Hays
1st Place “It’s All Good” ~ Dayna Ball ~ Ellinwood
2nd Place “Final Journey” ~ Virginia Bitter ~ Ellinwood
Honorable Mention “The Guardian” ~ Virginia Bitter ~ Ellinwood
1st Place “Ally Cat” ~ Susie Stephenson ~ Little River
2nd Place “Feed of Winter” ~ Staci Hartman ~ Logan
Honorable Mention “Antiques” ~ Rebecca Hawkinson ~ Little River
“Ernest Eugene Shull” ~ Laura Mountford ~ Colby
1st Place “Thanks” ~ Karissa Bethel ~ Schoenchen
2nd Place “On the Edge” ~ Jolie Green ~ Hays
Honorable Mention “Field House” ~ Danielle Garcia ~ Hays
“Hay Bales” ~ Karissa Bethel ~ Schoenchen
Computer Generated
1st Place “Theogony” ~ Bill McKowan ~ Great Bend
2nd Place “Wonderland” ~ Bill McKowan ~ Great Bend
Honorable Mention